V-START: State Report

The State Report summarizes veteran demographics, labor, and education information for the state selected by the user. It also explores relevant resources and services available to support veterans in the state specified. The dashboard consolidates seven (7) different data sources into a single, easy to follow report making it convenient for users to explore and analyze.

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Test Your Skills

Below are sample questions V-START can help answer – see if you can answer them!

  1. What percentage of the adult veteran population in New York is female?  Answer
  2. Is the majority of the veteran population in New York younger (18-54 years) or older (55+ years)?  Answer
  3. How many service members who separated from the military in FY2015 separated from bases located in New York? How many of them were officers?  Answer
  4. What is the median income for veterans in New York?  Answer
  5. What percentage of veterans have a college or associate degree in New York? Answer
  6. What is the name of the top school based on GI bill users in New York and how many GI Bill users does it have?  Answer
  7. What was New York’s VA Compensation & Pension expenditure for FY2014?   Answer

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