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December 23, 2014

MBA@Syracuse: Defining a Hybrid Program

MBA@Syracuse: Defining a Hybrid Program

Written by: Ryan Rabac

MBA_MilitaryVeteransResearch we conducted last year clearly showed that many veterans are looking for the chance to earn business degrees. We also know that veterans are particularly well suited to be entrepreneurs, which is why we designed an accelerated MBA particularly for veterans with a focus on entrepreneurship.

Another important discovery we made was that many veterans are simply unable to relocate. Many have families, careers, and commitments that prevent a big move. In this case, you might assume they are looking for an online program, but we actually found that the majority of veterans would prefer a “hybrid model” of education.

What is a hybrid model? A hybrid model program like the MBA@Syracuse combines online coursework with 3-day residencies in locations around the world for hands-on learning experiences. Our research has found that the majority of veterans are not willing to permanently relocate for school, but would still prefer the hybrid model over a purely-online program. These valuable residencies provide applied learning and valuable networking opportunities without taking too much time away from home.

In addition to a world-class business education ranked #9 amongst online programs by Financial Times, the MBA@Syracuse features hands-on residencies in Syracuse, two international locations, and one other domestic locations. Students are expected to complete three residencies during their course of study. Upcoming locations include Syracuse, NY, New York City, South Korea, and India. Learn more about residencies

Students in the MBA@Syracuse program can choose specialize in one of the following areas: Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Marketing Management, and Supply Chain Management. Alternatively, students can customize electives in disciplines of their choice.

The MBA@Syracuse program provides quality business education in a flexible format with residencies for real-world experience. To learn more about the MBA@Syracuse and apply online, visit

To learn more about other graduate programs designed with veterans in mind, like the MBA for Veterans, take a look here.

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