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Market Research Curriculum

Market Research and Defining Market Fit

Instructor-led course that is designed for individuals who are ready to launch their business immediately. Completing this course should take about 72 hours over an 8 week period of time (three weeks of online coursework followed by a two week break and then the final three weeks of online coursework). There is no set time to be online. The course has assignment due dates over the duration of the 8 week time period that you are scheduled to be in the online course.

  • Primary Market Research: this course teaches students how to use the tools for the creation of the value proposition and market validation.
  • Defining and Redefining Product Market Fit: further discussion of how to apply the tools for the value proposition and market validation.

Market Research 1 | MR1

Week 1: Creating the Future: How Entrepreneurs Think and Behave
Week 2: Introduction to the Lean Canvas
Week 3: Market Research for Entrepreneurs

Market Research 2 | MR2

Week 1: Determining Market Fit
Week 2: Writing the business plan
WEek 3: Finalizing the plan