Graduate Testimonials


Andrew Harrell: U.S. Marine Corps

Track: Customer Service Excellence

“The one-week classroom training covered many of the critical components of transition for service members. The presentation and networking modules were critical for me as it allowed me to treat every interaction as if it was an interview, and showed me the importance of networking. Networking is what enabled me to be presented with many interviews and a few job offers throughout my transition process. I accepted a job offer that allowed me to choose the career that was right for me and my family.”

Louis Kapaun: U.S. Marine Corps

Track: Information Technology Foundations

“Onward to Opportunity is the program that the Transition Readiness Seminar should be. The people involved in the program not only know what they’re doing and how to help, but they also care and have been there themselves. I would recommend it to any service member transitioning that wants to take control of their career and transition the right way.”

Andrew Garcia: U.S. Navy

Track: Information Technology Foundations

“Standard transition programs give you a crash course on employment, then leave you out there on your own. With the O2O program, I had people that I could actually call and speak to when I had questions about how to navigate through the process of employment and I believe that really gave me an advantage over others. I appreciate all that you guys do and thanks for looking out for us transitioning out of the military.”

Jeremy Stewart, U.S. Air Force

“I began with the Project Management course and obtained my PMP four months later. Within two months of obtaining my certification I got a new job as a Senior IT Project Manager—a nice bump in responsibility and salary. I would not have been qualified for the position without my certification and the VCTP course was essential in helping me prepare for the exam. I used no other prep material and had no problem on the exam. I have since taken the Security+ course and exam with the same level of success. I am very thankful for the opportunity to participate and the new avenues it has opened up for me professionally.”

Justin Dean: U.S. Marine Corps

Track: Information Technology

“This course helped me personally set myself apart as a job seeker in the IT world and even enhanced my resume. I was able to land a job a full month before my transition and I owe a big part of that to the men and women who developed this program. Don’t pass up an opportunity like this!”

Andrew Thompson: U.S. Marine Corps

Track: Information Technology

“Onward to Opportunity is a landmark course. The opportunities presented to the participants is unparalleled. O2O has something for everyone. I have many years of experience in Information Technology and O2O provided me with opportunities to showcase my experience through certifications, but most importantly are the mentorship and critical networking opportunities that the program provides.”

Ian Baker, U.S. Army

Track: IT (Computer Technology Fundamentals and Operating Systems)

“I am looking forward to my transition out of the military and hungry to do something different. The notion of being an O2O graduate who employer partners want is exciting. I am appreciative for being given this opportunity while on active duty to train, study and develop, so that I may thrive in the next phase of my career.”

Ashleigh Titre, U.S. Army Reserve

“I was looking for ways to get into the technology field and better my life overall, but the cost and time investment of doing so was out of my reach. I connected with someone on LinkedIn who introduced me to Syracuse University’s Veterans Career Transition Program. Fast forward four months, I landed an internship at Stanford Health Care. With the training through VCTP and testing for my A+ certification, I got the call that I was being offered a job by Stanford. With this position in Stanford healthcare’s IT department a new door has been opened up for me.”

Robertson “Lee” Moreland, U.S. Army

Track: IT (Cisco Network Technician – Small Network Fundamentals)

“My first reaction to O2O was that it was too good to be true but O2O is opening doors for me. As a graduate, with industry credentials in hand, I have expanded my technical capabilities and am now in a better position to lead and impact in the business environment, just like I have in the military. I am proud to be amongst the first cohort of graduates, blazing the trail for future participants.”

Jelinda Pizzaro, U.S. Army Spouse

Track: IT (Computer Technology Fundamentals and Operating Systems)
“O2O marks a new beginning for me. The training has allowed me to leverage my degree, sharpen my skills, better market myself, and improve upon my credentials as I strive to secure employment in the IT field. Thank you for including military spouses in this eye-opening transition program.”

Jonathan Ricafrente, U.S. Army

Track: IT (Security Fundamentals)
“O2O is providing me with a stepping stone to take that next step out of the military into the civilian career workplace. The program has helped me to possess the training, added credentials, and confidence I need to move forward. It truly is providing us with the opportunity to go ‘onward.’”

Daniel Thurmon, U.S. Army

Track: IT (Cisco Network Technician – Small Network Fundamentals)
“O2O has opened my eyes to the importance of professional development as I seek employment as a network engineer. Having the industry knowledge and the ability to present, market oneself to employers is a powerful combination.”

Alexander Vicente, U.S. Army

Track: Customer Service Excellence
“This [O2O] training has given me good exposure to different tools that can be used to maintain excellent customer service. As I seek to obtain employment as a supply chain analyst and eventually work my way up towards a senior management position in a Fortune 500 company, I am honored to be a graduate of a program that has brought things to life for me. Onward to Opportunity is spearheading something bigger and better for me and my fellow service members and their families.”

James Turk, U.S. Army

“VCTP has been instrumental in my transition from the military and my pursuit of a civilian career. The longer you serve in the military, the harder it is to transition because your civilian counterparts have been gaining valuable experience in their technical field. VCTP does a great job bridging this gap through interactive coursework in relevant subject areas and assistance from Syracuse University advisors along the way.”

Samantha Armijo, U.S. Marine Corps Spouse

Track: Customer Service Excellence

“O2O training has complemented my existing customer service skills and will leverage my pursuit of a career in executive administration. And my resume has been turned around for the better!”

Clairissa Boening, U.S. Navy Spouse

Track: IT (Computer Technology Fundamentals and Operating Systems)

“O2O is eye-opening and more ‘real’ world than any of the other transition programs that I have been to in my past. It is the only [transition] program that I have seen so far that helps you get real world, industry-specific skills that can be used quickly, and most importantly are backed by private employers.”

Folami Fitzgerald, U.S. Marine Corps Spouse

Track: Customer Service Excellence

“I feel very blessed to be among the first graduates of the O2O program. I can’t thank the IVMF at Syracuse University, and the Schultz Family Foundation enough. This opportunity to learn a practical skill, earn a certification to accompany my real-world job experience, while connecting with employers who are actively seeking us…is incredible. O2O makes me want to be a success story in the financial sector because the program is amazing and deserves as much.”

Jeremiah Wilke, U.S. Marine Corps

Track: Customer Service Excellence

“O2O’s education and training has equipped me with the skills to better understand analytical behaviors, customer characteristics, and social styles. The program has built up my confidence and will complement my existing sales and recruiting experience as I navigate through to my future career outside of the Marines. I am thankful for the support and direction that Onward to Opportunity provides.”