Hiring Veterans

We are dedicated to supporting the employment of transitioning service members, veterans and military families by educating and partnering with corporations who can create long-term careers for military veterans and their families. We partner with business and industry to understand the needs of employers and address them through research, sharing of leading practices and resources and developing custom materials particular to a specified partner and/or which broadly support IVMF partners and the institute’s stakeholder community.

Our Partnerships Recognize the Value of Veterans in the Workforce

We Provide Resources for Employers

America’s employers play a critical part in employing veterans as they return from service and seek private sector opportunities. Our partnerships and publications represent a response to calls for shared resources for America’s employers, both large and small, to adopt a strategic and sustainable approach to the advancement of veterans in the civilian workforce, and serves to advance employment and economic opportunities for veterans and their families.

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We Support Initiatives to Hire Veterans

First, we train veterans to be successful in the civilian job sector. Next, we advise the workforce on why and how to hire veterans. And finally, we create and support pathways that get veterans hired by employers who understand the unique value of their service and experience. Veterans’ leadership abilities and strong sense of mission that come from military service are highly valued in a competitive business environment.

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We Research and Report on Veteran Employment

Upon military separation, veterans often enter the civilian workforce to either extend their career in a similar civilian role or embark on an entirely new and unrelated career path. Our partnerships are focused on providing relevant and timely workforce readiness support before and after our servicemembers and military spouses transition from service.

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