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We firmly believe that it takes public, private, and non-profit organizations embracing coordinated communication, accountability and transparency to best meet the complex needs of veterans and military families.


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Realizing that local communities have the capacity to serve the people who have served our country and their families, The Robin Hood Foundation challenged the Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) to figure out a way to connect New York City’s public, private and non-profit resources in a meaningful and efficient way. The result was AmericaServes.

AmericaServes offers a wide range of services to support improvement in the capacity of individuals, organizations, and communities to serve transitioning service members, veterans, and their families nation-wide. Services fall into three categories: services for individuals, for organizations, and for communities. These service deliveries range from low-touch interventions on the individual level to high-touch interventions offered at the community level.

Benefits of working with AmericaServes:

  • First-of-its-kind collective impact model helps community organizations work together to provide service members and their families with an entire package of resources to meet their needs
  • Community networks establish single points of entry so veterans can access multiple services in fewer steps
  • No-Wrong-Door: Veterans are holistically assessed at entry to facilitate referrals according to their unique situation and needs
  • IVMF provides resources to assist with implementation, launch and operations for 2 years and remains engaged to assist with oversight and measurement
  • IVMF-secured support from the DoD and the VA as network participants
  • Local Ownership: partner with local leadership for network sustainability
  • And more!

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AmericaServes Services fall into three categories, services for providers, services for organizations, and service communities:

Advising Providers

Advising services are typically low-touch interventions that may include: presentations that share best practices and research in the areas of collective impact and communities of practice; community-based convening to create dialogue around a common agenda; tailored landscape assessments; dissemination of practical research on veteran and military family perspectives; and one-to-one technical assistance.

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Advising Organizations

The services provided to organizations focus on community-centric collaboration and are typically medium to high touch interventions including: fundraising and large scale re-granting initiatives, development and participation in communities of practice, establishment of common measurement systems, customized one-on-one site training; collateral development and deployment; and application support for grant renewals.

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Advising Communities

Services at the community level support large-scale community-based transformation and are high-touch. These services involve a coordinated effort and direct support from AmericaServes staff. The goal of these interventions is to establish a common agenda among providers within a community who wish to work collaboratively in order to improve the service-navigation experience of the military connected community members they serve.

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