Coalition for Veteran Owned Business (CVOB)

Enhancing Veteran and Military Family Owned Businesses

About the Coalition for Veteran Owned Business

The Coalition for Veteran Owned Business (CVOB) is a group comprised of industry leaders committed to providing opportunities and growth for veteran and military spouse-owned businesses. This first-of-its-kind national initiative supports the success of veteran, service member, and military spouse-owned businesses by connecting them with entrepreneurial education and training, small business resources and solutions, and commerce and supplier opportunities to help connect and educate both sides on doing business together.

Coalition Priorities

  • Increase opportunities and information
  • Create networking opportunities
  • Create awareness of resources
  • Help form corporate connections

Why The Coalition

 CVOB provided over 10,000 veteran-owned businesses with business opportunities since 2018 with our 6 corporate partners by engaging with over 24,000 v eteran-owned businesses.

CVOB Partners


Veteran & Military Spouse Owned Business Members

Corporate Partners

Register Your Veteran Owned Business

Registered businesses will be veteran and military-family owned businesses who have products and services they want to sell to business and industry. IVMF is currently collecting contact information and basic business information, and a robust database is under development which will be accessible to coalition members. Register your business.

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Opportunities for Corporate Members

Interested in joining the Coalition as a corporate or affiliate member? Learn more. 

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