Our Research Mission: To conduct, communicate, and apply research of the highest quality and standards, provide exceptional analytical support, and deliver trusted subject matter expertise that empowers public, private, and social sector stakeholders to act as informed decision-makers related to the social, economic, and policy concerns of America’s veterans and their families.

In the spirit of greater transparency, accountability, and academic rigor, the IVMF is developing a new research-specific governance structure to provide strategic counsel and oversight on research related matters such as research independence and integrity, peer review, transparency, open-data sharing, and related internal policies and procedures. The first item will be the creation of a research advisory group in the fall of 2016.


Research Advisory Group

This body is envisioned as a multi-disciplinary, multi-sectoral advisory group. The principal focus of its member advisors will be to provide the IVMF research team technical advice on the design and execution of research studies, coordination of independent peer review of research products, and the research team’s overall strategic direction. The group will be selected from across the core and applied social sciences (economics, sociology, policy), professional fields such medicine and higher education, and with a diversity of expertise on the socio-economic and wellness concerns of veterans and their families. Additional details forthcoming.