Research Team

IVMF’s research team brings decades of diverse research and evaluation experience across the fields of education, organizational psychology, public policy, public health and epidemiology, non-profit management, and sociology. Our fellows are in-residence, emerging scholars who bring unique research skills and a passion for research on veterans and military to our work.

Staff and Fellows


Gilly Cantor, M.P.A.

Program Evaluation Manager

Bonnie Chapman, RN, MPH

Director | Evaluation and Innovation

Linda Euto, Ph.D., M.S.

Associate Director | Research and Evaluation
rachel linsner

Rachel Linsner, M.S.

Doctoral Research Fellow

Rosalinda Vasquez Maury, M.S.

Director | Applied Research and Analytics
Kicia Sears _ web

Kicia Sears, M.P.A., M.A.

Program Evaluation Manager
Lawrence Wasser Square_5541

Larry Wasser

Salesforce Solutions Architect | Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Research Associates

Geraci picture

Joseph Geraci, M.A.

Research Associate
Keoki Hansen Portrait

Keoki Hansen, M.A.

Research Associate
Matthew Hidek Portrait

Matthew Hidek, Ph.D., M.S.

Research Associate

Research Associates

Caroline Angel, Ph.D., Daniel Fay, Ph.D., Corri Zoli, Ph.D.

Research Assistants

Syracuse University’s top strategic goal is to provide all students with a world-class learning experience that prepares them for future success. Our research team is committed to not simply include students in our work, but rather develop their analytical, professional, and leadership skills so that they leave SU with a competitive edge in the workplace and a better appreciation for those who serve our nation.

Throughout the year, more than a dozen of Syracuse University’s most talented students play active roles in our research. From undergraduates to future Ph.D.’s, these valued team members represent a diverse range of degrees and majors such as business administration, computer science, communications, child and family studies, marriage and family therapy, public administration, policy studies, information studies, social work, and sociology.

Doctoral Students

Rachel Linsner Uveges, Najaf Zahra

Graduate Students

Sarah Ann Wade, Alexander Robert McDonald,  Jenna Rose Dagget, Aiyappa Kalengada Uthaiah, Sarah Perry

Undergraduate Students

Sophia LaMendola, Evie Lopoo, Sabreen Mere,  Ryan Van Slyke, Kristen Koniuch, Chelsea Ogun