Data & Tools

The IVMF research and evaluation team offers a range of internal and public data sources to help the military community, researchers, government agencies, industry, and nonprofit organizations. We are committed to open data sharing as well as the privacy of research participants and the protection of confidential and proprietary data.

IVMF Data Tools


The Veterans Strategic Analysis and Research Tool (V-START) provides users the ability to explore and analyze publicly-available data on veteran employment, education, and demographic information. Additional data may be overlaid to help answer the questions veterans, employers, and service providers face in their post-military transition.

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Collaboration in Veterans Services

This project aims to map and study collaborative activities among veteran- and military family-serving organizations across the United States and to release a comprehensive dataset of these networks as a “living tool” for further research and public use.

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Veteran Policy Database

This project was undertaken to build a resource-tool for veterans, transitioning service members, and military families seeking to better understand federal and state policies that affect them, as well as to provide insight and highlight future opportunities for policymakers and researchers.

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