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V-START: State Unemployment by Age

The State Unemployment by Age dashboard presents veteran unemployment rate distribution across states and age population. Users can compare veteran unemployment against non-veteran unemployment and drill down into states. If interested in specific age populations, users can drill down into pre-defined age ranges to analyze how unemployment varies across states. This information allows users to better understand unemployment conditions in each state and identify areas where veterans struggle the most when transitioning into the civilian workforce.

*This page is best viewed on a laptop or desktop computer.

Test Your Skills

Below are sample questions V-START can help answer – see if you can answer them!

  1. What is the veteran unemployment rate for veterans 18-54 years old in Virginia? How many veterans are 18-54 years old and unemployed in Virginia? Answer // Hint
  2. What is the unemployment rate for non-veterans 55-64 years old in Virginia? How many non-veterans are 55-64 years old and unemployed in Virginia? Answer // Hint

For any questions or comments on the tool’s functionality, please email