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Collaboration and collective impact initiatives are inherently challenging to measure and evaluate.


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AmericaServes works with communities to develop coordinated networks of care and services for veterans and their families, leveraging local leadership in deploying a first-of-its-kind collective impact model in communities across the country.

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A core tenet of collective impact is the sharing of data. Consequently, all AmericaServes networks hold quarterly in progress review meetings, which are attended by program leaders, managers, providers, stakeholders and funders. At these meetings all data is shared, followed by discussion and decision making. This process and practice has resulted in an unprecedented level of transparency and provides an avenue for communication and collaboration across network stakeholders.

Methods Highlight

The cornerstone of the AmericaServes networks is the electronic case management platform, UniteUs, used by all participating providers. Through this database the program managers, networks, and providers have access to information relevant to them for making decisions and improvements. All client interactions are time stamped, and the results of services provided are all recorded and reportable.