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A Strategic Road Map to Enhance the Role and Impact of the New York State Depart Cover

Community Support | Jul 17, 2019

This report analyzes New York’s Department of Veterans Services across three core areas critical to mission effectiveness: organizational structure, financial stability, and service delivery innovat...

Improving Care and Service Delivery for Veterans: A Case Study of Enterprise Gov Cover

Community Support | Nov 12, 2018

What follows are the building blocks, recommendations, and key actions steps to creating an enterprise Approach to Serving Veterans.

AmericaServes Transparency Report Cover

Community Support | Nov 02, 2016

Since 2013, the Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) has been working alongside providers, funders and communities around the U.S. to establish the AmericaServes network, and transform...

Mapping Collaboration in Veterans and Military Families Services Cover

Community Support | Apr 03, 2015

Starting in late 2015, the IVMF research team took a first step to build a database of more than 70 veteran-serving organizational networks, collaborative initiatives, and higher education institution...

Driving Community Impact: A Case for Local Evidence-Based Coordination in Vetera Cover

Community Support | Apr 03, 2015

This paper addresses a prevailing view that a lack of coordination, collaboration, and collective purpose among veteran and military-family serving organizations—public, private, and nonprofit—p...

The Role of Social Support in Exposure Therapy for Operation Iraqi Freedom/Opera Cover

Community Support | Feb 15, 2013

Abstract “The lack of social support has consistently been identified as a relevant factor in the development, maintenance, and treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Prospective studies...

Soldiers to Citizens: The Link between Military Service and Volunteering Cover

Community Support | Nov 22, 2013

Abstract “Research shows that military service is linked with political engagement, such as voting. This connection is strongest for minorities. The authors explore the relationship between military...

Coming Home: Attitudes toward U.S. Veterans Returning from Iraq Cover

Community Support | Mar 28, 2014

Abstract “In this article, we investigate public attitudes toward combat veterans returning from Iraq. Using data from a nationally representative survey that incorporates an experimental design, we...

When Veterans Return: The Role of Community in Reintegration Cover

Community Support | Apr 11, 2014

Abstract “Experiences of Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans were explored to understand the challenges of reintegrating into civilian life and the impact on mental health. Respondents completed preli...

Caregiver Objective Burden and Assessments of Patient-Centered, Family-Focused C Cover

Community Support | Apr 27, 2012

Abstract “Purpose: There is a growing consensus that quality of care for frail elders should include family and be evaluated in terms of patient-centered, family-focused care (PCFFC). Family caregiv...

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