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Employment | Oct 27, 2017

Examination of Veterans Affairs Disability Compensation as a Disincentive for Employment in a Population-Based Sample of Veterans Under Age 65

Abstract Purpose: Concerns that disability benefits may create disincentives for employment may be especially relevant for young American military veterans, particularly veterans of the recent wars in...

Employment | Aug 11, 2017

Creating Hope: Assisting Veterans with Job Search Strategies Using Cognitive Information Processing Theory

Abstract Providing effective employment services to today’s veterans is essential. Given the high unemployment rate that currently exists for the veteran population, it is essential that career deve...

Employment | Jul 21, 2017

Aiming High: Earning Advantage for Female Veterans

Abstract This study investigates how veteran status influences earnings for working-age American women. Recent increases in women’s participation in the U.S. military mean that the proportion of fem...

Employment | Jul 21, 2017

Workforce Readiness Alignment: The Relationship Between Job Preferences, Retention, and Earnings – Executive Summary

Overview This paper focuses on testing propositions related to workforce readiness by examining the relationship between job preferences, military conferred skills, and a variety of outcome measures...

Employment | Dec 20, 2016

Pathways to Opportunity: Financial Flexibility and Workforce Readiness

Financial preparation is an often overlooked component of a service member’s transition from the military. Service members who are financially unprepared for transition, at best, limit their ability...

Employment | Dec 07, 2016

The Force Behind the Force: Training, Leveraging, and Communicating About Military Spouses as Employees

Military spouses have higher unemployment rates, estimated as much as three times higher than their civilian peers. In an effort to arm the HR community with information about the value military spous...

Employment | Nov 22, 2016

The Force Behind the Force: Case Profiles of Successful Military Spouses Balancing Employment, Service, and Family

The second brief of this series highlights eight successful military spouses currently employed in the corporate workforce. Through the detailed conversations, the reader begins to understand the empl...

Employment | Nov 22, 2016

Veteran Job Retention Survey

Employment | Aug 19, 2016

A Great Place to Start? The Effect of Prior Military Service on Hiring

Abstract “This article examines the effect of prior military service on hiring for entry-level jobs in a major metropolitan labor market. The research employs an audit method in which resumes differ...

Employment | Aug 11, 2016

Workforce Readiness Alignment: The Relationship Between Job Preferences, Retention, and Earnings

This paper provides a deeper analysis of veterans’ employment experiences post-separation; specifically, the long term benefits of aligning military-conferred skills with career goals and expectatio...

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