Research Topics

IVMF’s diverse portfolio reflects the range of social, economic, and wellness challenges that may affect transitioning service members, veterans, or their families.

Community Support

communitysupportNavigating the sea of services and benefits is a top-cited challenge among veterans nationwide. Social sector organizations who serve veterans are also under increased pressure to demonstrate impact and collaborate.

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educationWe are committed to supporting veterans in education by analyzing their in- and post-service experiences, their strengths, skills, shortcomings, educational and employment aspirations, and enduring contributions to public service.

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employmentOur employment-focused research focuses on the topic of workforce readiness as it relates to transitioning service members and veterans in the civilian labor force and covers topics such as career preferences, financial readiness, job matching and employer perspectives on retention and workplace performance.

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Entrepreneurship_2017Realizing that veterans are 45 percent more likely to pursue the American dream of business ownership, we provide timely and relevant research and policy analysis on the ecosystem of veteran business ownership.

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familyMilitary families are central to military recruiting, retention, and overall readiness. Yet military families face unique challenges and stressors with frequent moves, deployments, spouse education and employment, childcare and well-being, finances, and more.

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Financial Readiness

financialreadinessFinancial stress and instability are frequently cited challenges among many military and veteran families. More concerning, financial stress is also strongly connected to divorce and suicide.

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Measurement and Evaluation

mandeVeteran-serving organizations confront a likely future of doing more with less. Funders, too, demand greater emphasis on evidence-based practice and measuring the impact of their investments.

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policyProviding exemplary service to veterans and military families requires a whole-of-government and multi-sector approach. Objective, data-driven scholarship is also central to principled policy formulation, implementation, and evaluation.

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