USO Program Evaluation Audit

The United Service Organizations (USO), having celebrated its 75th year of supporting military service members, asked the IVMF asked to provide an external review and evaluation of 13 of their programs. Many USO programs are run in close partnership with other organizations and serve the military connected population in a wide variety of ways across the life cycle of military duty and separation. As a result, each USO program has unique attributes and characteristics that both help and challenge evaluation efforts and data collection. Despite the challenges, the USO has persevered in seeking to understand and communicate the effectiveness and value of their programs.

Methods Highlight

Over the course of this program evaluation we examined the need for the program, program design and theory, the program processes, and program outcomes. All 13 of the programs administer surveys used for evaluation purposes, which were evaluated according to their ability to effectively measure the program’s intended outcomes.

The final evaluation included recommendations made for each survey, a report that summarized each program’s evaluation and made program recommendations, and general recommendations relating to program mission areas and enterprise.