Veteran Policy Landscape

This represents the first public database of existing federal and state policies relating to veterans in the United States. Building from work in collaboration with Ernst & Young (EY), for the IVMF in 2012, we have updated the policy dataset and created a new State Strategies Database that unites state-level universal strategic plans for veterans and strategic plans that address specific issues facing veterans. While the current dataset and preliminary report do not reflect pre-2000 legislation, they effectively highlight post-9/11 legislative actions, which have had a significant impact on our most recent generation of veterans.

Future Opportunities

Veteran Policy Landscape Database

We look forward to releasing this dataset with a descriptive report for public use later this year, providing open access to comprehensive, accurate data on veteran-related federal and state policies. In the interim, for publicly available data related to active duty military personnel, veterans, and military families, please see our comprehensive list of publicly accessible federal resources:


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