Spotlight on Foundation Partners

How Foundation Partners Make an Impact at IVMF

It began with a simple question: could the early success of NYCServes be replicated across the nation?

NYCServes was the nation’s first fully-deployed coordinated network of community services comprised of the city’s best public, private and nonprofit sector providers, as a part of the IVMF AmericaServes initiative. Given the impact seen in the New York City network, it became evident that the greatest need to replicate this network would lie in states such as North Carolina;  a state whose residents serving in the armed forces, together with their families, total more than a third of the state’s entire population.

The challenge would be to build comprehensive networks of support and care covering 100 counties void of robust human services in North Carolina. June 2015 became the starting point for some of the most transformative work in the military families domain anywhere in the country. It marked the year NCServes was launched in North Carolina as part of a first-in-the-nation statewide strategy, aimed at strengthening the economic stability of its veterans, service members and their families.

The creation and success of NCServes can largely be attributed to the generosity of the Walmart Foundation. To date, AmericaServes has gone live in six communities with funding to expand into an additional six communities before the end of 2017. To find out how your foundation can support the AmericaServes initiative, please contact Raymond Toenniessen, Assistant Vice President for Veterans Development, at 315.443.0256 or


The Walmart Foundation’s support for the state of North Carolina’s service members, veterans, and their families is unprecedented in terms of its reach and scope.

Game changing in its impact, the Foundation’s partnership with IVMF and the AmericaServes team on the ground in North Carolina represents the way our communities can best be served: inclusively, with a high degree of accountability, transparency, and quality for this American resource and treasure: its current and past members of the armed forces and their families.