Florida Military Community Program Manager | O2O ppiazza@syr.edu

Patricia is a Workforce Education and Employment Specialist with 13 years of extensive knowledge and experience in Human Resource Development. She is currently the Tri-Base Jacksonville Onward to Opportunity-Veterans Career Transition Program Installation Manager for IVMF. Previous positions held by Patricia include the Family Employment Readiness Program (FERP) Manager for the Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC) at Naval Station Mayport and the NE Florida Military Family Employment Advocate (MFEA) with FCWD, Inc., a position she held from 2004 until 2015. In all roles, she ensures active duty military members and their families are made aware of employment services and resources available to them as well as the laws and military friendly legislation that affects their quality of life while stationed in Florida. She is a member of the Florida Defense Alliance (FDA) Military Family Support Working Group (MFSWG). She was appointed and held the position of Chair from October of 2008 until July 2013. She is a current board member for Northeast Florida Women Veterans, Inc. Patricia is also an Adjunct Professor for Barry University where she teaches Human Resource courses as well as Southern Illinois University where she teaches Workforce Education and Development.

Patricia is an honorably retired veteran that holds a dual Master’s Degree in Human Resource Development and Management & Leadership from Webster University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Workforce Education & Development from Southern Illinois University. She is a certified Job and Career Transition and Job Development Coach (JCTC/JCDC).

Patricia is the proud mother of two children. Her daughter Victoria is currently serving on active duty and her son Nathanial who just recently transitioned from a highly honorable military career this past year.