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Who is eligible for the VCTP?

• Active Duty Military – Any transitioning active duty service member who will transition from military service to the civilian workforce in the next 6 months with an “honorable” discharge status.
• Veterans – Any post-9/11 veteran who has already separated or retired from the military with a “honorable” discharge status.
• Selected Reserve – Any member of the Selected Reserve (i.e. National Guard / Reserves)
• Spouses – Spouses of eligible veterans, as well as spouses of all active duty service members and Selected Reserve members, are eligible to apply to the program
• Have reliable access to high-speed internet.

Are Guard and Reserve members eligible?

Yes, any member of the Selected Reserve (i.e. National Guard / Reserves).

Can spouses apply, too?

Yes! Spouses of eligible veterans, as well as spouses of all active duty service members and Selected Reserve members, are eligible to apply to VCTP.

I’m an active duty service member, transitioning within 18 months. Has the eligibility criteria changed for the VCTP?

Yes, the program eligibility has changed from 18-months to 6-months out from transition. The rapid growth and success of VCTP has resulted in the reduction in eligibility from 18 months to 6 months in order to meet the increased demand and best serve the transitioning population.

How can I apply to the VCTP?

The VCTP is in very high demand so the program interest form will only be accepted second Tuesday of every month at 12 PM (Noon) US EST, until capacity is reached. Please refer to our program application page for more information. Application Page (which also contains the Pre-Application Checklist)

Is there a waitlist system for a recently closed VCTP application cycle in the event that a student may drop from the program?

No. The application process is very competitive with limited availability for each cohort. Each application acceptance cycle operates on a monthly basis and has a set date to close but will close early if our maximum student capacity is reached. When that does occur, unfortunately there are some interested applicants who are unable to apply to the program. We currently do not offer a waitlist system for the VCTP application. We encourage you to check the VCTP homepage often to determine the best date to apply to the program.

Is someone available to help if I have questions about the program or my application

Yes, our IVMF Enrollment Services coordinators will be happy to answer any questions you may have prior to starting the program:
e. or p. 315-443-6898
You will also have an academic advisor who will be made available to you within 2 business days of the start of your chosen cohort who will be your main point of contact with VCTP from that point on.

I just submitted my online interest form, so what's next?

As soon as you submit your online interest form, you will receive correspondence to the email address you provided (must be non-military email address). This correspondence will outline the next steps you can expect.

We will update the next steps and dates each month on the Apply page.

What documents do I need to upload with my application?

While completing your online application to the Veterans Career Transition Program, you will be asked to upload the most recent version of your resume or provide your recent employment history in the body of the assessment. You will also need a copy of your (or your spouse’s) DD-214. If you are still on active duty or if you have very recently transitioned out of the military and are still waiting to receive your DD-214, it is acceptable to submit at a later date. You will also need to provide the URL to your LinkedIn profile. Click here for a complete list of requirements.
Every application, however, must have a resume uploaded or provide details of your recent employment history as well as a LinkedIn url in order to be considered for acceptance to the Veterans Career Transition Program.

Why do I have to have a current LinkedIn profile in order to apply to the VCTP?

By having a current LinkedIn profile, you set yourself up for success in your professional networking, industry-related research, or job search strategy – whether you’re actively seeking employment now or will be in the future. If you do not have a LinkedIn profile yet, and you need guidance creating one, please visit

What fees are associated with the program?

There are no fees associated with the VCTP. All the coursework, practice exams, and one (1) industry exam fee are funded by the VCTP.

Do I have to use my educational benefits?

No, the VCTP is funded by a grant from JPMorgan Chase & Co. and does not use any VA educational benefits.

Will the VCTP pay for my exam fee?

The VCTP will fund one certification exam fee provided an individual completes the required coursework, practice exam requirements, and, if applicable, meets the certifying agency’s eligibility requirements. It is the participant’s responsibility to understand the associated eligibility requirements and to submit their application to the certifying agency. The VCTP cannot reimburse exam fees paid by the student.

What do I need to do in order to have the VCTP pay for my exam fee?

Steps 1 -3 must be completed within your 1-year license to the program:
Step 1: Enroll in and complete the required coursework.
Step 2: Complete the practice exams requirements for the corresponding industry certification exam.
Step 3: Contact your advisor to confirm you have completed steps 1 & 2 successfully and to arrange for the payment of your industry certification exam fee! Do not pay your own exam fee – the program cannot reimburse exam fees.
Step 4: Schedule your exam at a testing center where you will be able to schedule your exam for the date, time, and location you prefer!

Will I have to buy any textbooks or software?

No. Students do not need to purchase any additional course materials. All the required materials are provided within the online coursework. However, we encourage you to explore additional resources to best position yourself for success with certification examinations. Cost of purchasing these additional materials is not covered by the VCTP.

How long will I have to complete the courses?

• First course must be completed within 90 days of your cohort launch date.
• If you do not complete your first course within 90 days of the cohort launch date, your case will be reviewed, and you may be withdrawn from the program and courses. Please contact your advisor to discuss your options if you feel you will not be able to meet this requirement.

Can I complete multiple courses during my time with the VCTP?

Yes, participants can complete multiple courses within one assigned learning management system (LMS) – either Skillport or Coursera. Participants may not enroll in multiple courses across both LMS’s. The license provided to each learner is limited to one LMS.

Can I take more than 1 course at a time?

Courses must be taken one at a time, but you can complete multiple courses for the duration of your 1-year program license. Your advisor can assist you with enrolling in any subsequent courses after the first is complete.

How long does the program last?

Participants need to complete the assigned coursework within 90 days of the cohort launch date. Upon completion of your first course, you will have access to the entire learning management system for up to 1 year from your original cohort launch date. Participants must complete all program requirements within the 1-year access period in order to be eligible for payment of 1 industry certification examination fee.

Will I be able to obtain proof of completion for these courses?

Yes. Upon completion of coursework, participants will receive non-credit, certificates of completion from the Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University.

What kind of services can my IVMF Advisor provide?

Your advisor is your primary contact with the program throughout the year. They assist with general questions, provide essential updates on VCTP deadlines and opportunities, follow-on registrations, and assist with coordination of certification exam payment. Advisors can also connect you with career coaching opportunities with our partners at Hire Heroes USA (HHUSA).

When can I expect to receive career services support from Hire Heroes USA (HHUSA)?

For participants who are job-seeking, you will be paired with a Veteran Transition Specialist at HHUSA after completing your first course. The Veteran Transition Specialist will begin preparing you for your interview with one of our employer partners.

What resources do I need to participate in VCTP?

To be successful in the program, it is very important that you take the courses seriously as you would a traditional online college course. This means having dedicated time set aside for your coursework; we recommend about 5-6 hours per week. You will also need a reliable computer with consistent, high speed internet. If time or reliable internet access may be an issue for you or, for example, if you are deployed at sea and only access to government computers, you may want to postpone participation in one of our quarterly cohorts until your time or technology resources improve.

Will I have weekly assignments and an instructor for the courses?

No, the coursework is delivered 100% online, and it’s self-paced, computer-based training. You will have access to industry-specific, subject matter experts as well as an assigned advisor.

Do VCTP courses prepare me for industry certification? (ex. A+, PMP, Six Sigma, PHR/SPHR)

Our courses are designed to prepare transitioning veterans, service members and spouses for careers in the civilian workforce by teaching useful skills as well as validating others they may have learned in the military. Many of our courses are also geared toward preparing students for a select number of valuable industry certifications. For a complete list of what courses we offer and the associated certification paths, please consult our VCTP Learning Paths page.

How does VCTP help me to prepare for my industry-level certification exam?

The VCTP provides participants with education, through online courses, that surrounds the specific knowledge and skillsets for the associated certification exam. In most cases, the program also provides individuals with a practice exam to help gauge their knowledge before sitting for the certification exam. The VCTP encourages students to utilize additional resources to adequately prepare for the certification exam.

What are the benefits of participating in the VCTP?

Benefits of participation include:
• Access to program courses for up to one full year.
• The VCTP will fund one certification exam fee provided an individual completes the required coursework, practice exam requirements, and, if applicable, meets the certifying agency’s eligibility requirements.
• Each participant is assigned an advisor to assist them as they navigate through the program.
• Connections to comprehensive career coaching leading to interviews with industry leaders committed to hiring veterans and military spouses.
• Select VCTP courses assist with skills to effectively prepare for and execute job searches, including company research, and résumé and cover letter writing
• Participants receive non-credit certificates of completion from the Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University upon completion.

Can I participate in the program more than once?

No, participants are allotted one opportunity to participate in the VCTP.

I see the IVMF has a similar program – Onward to Opportunity (O2O). Are the programs the same?

Recognizing the similarities between the programs, the IVMF and its partners have aligned resources between the two programs to provide a seamless offering that shares resources and successes, expands course offerings as well as learning delivery methods, and improves career and professional networking opportunities.

This sounds like a great program, but where can I get more information?

Additional information can be found on the Veterans Career Transition Program’s website. Simply click here to learn more. You can also email any questions to