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The IVMF facilitates a coordinated effort between community organizations to meet the complex needs of veterans, transitioning service members, and their families.


About AmericaServes

Realizing that local communities have the capacity to serve the people who have served our country and their families, AmericaServes’ mission is to empower a coordinated network of service providers across the country to create a network of organizations equipped with the technological and informational capacity to effectively and efficiently meet the wide range of needs of veterans, transitioning service members, and their families.

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It’s Our Turn to Serve You

Studies show that veterans, when in need, express multiple needs for clinical and social services at once. The fragmented nature of these military veteran services in the civilian world is frustrating and can be stressful for any person trying to access them. AmericaServes is here to streamline the process of receiving multiple services at once. The case managers at the Coordination Center are trained to triage needs allowing for proper delivery of the needed services and care. This approach to caring for those who have served their country has never been tried in such a calculated and measurable way.

AmericaServes Veterans: Your Stories

Emergency Financial Assistance

“PAServes was able to help me find someone to assist with Christmas presents a few days before Christmas. My husband and I didn’t know what we were going to do because of our financial hardship and you guys really came through…”

– Spouse of an Army National Guard Veteran, and mother of two, dealing with financial hardship due to employment loss

Emergency Housing

David S., a homeless US Army OIF veteran seeking employment, was referred into the NYServes—NYC network after being seen by an outreach worker from the Manhattan Vet Center. That same day, the network’s Coordination Center made an appointment for David to see a specialist at S:US, a large social services organization specializing in housing. Three days later, S:US met with David and began to work on his housing and employment cases. During that meeting, S:US also referred David through the network to CUCS to receive benefits for stopgap assistance. That same week, David was approved for expedited SNAP and Public Assistance benefits.  Just two weeks later, S:US successfully secured housing for David. After stably housing David, S:US connected him to commercial driver’s license (CDL) training and provided the tuition fees for the course. Just five months after entering the NYServes—NYC network, David had been connected to financial assistance, stably housed and connected to a new career in the trucking industry.

Volunteering and Connecting with Other Veterans

“Thank you all for your help, especially during this transition out of the military after over 10 years in the ANG. Thanks to PAServes for connecting me to Team Red White and Blue so I can continue to feel involved in the military community.”

– PA Air National Guard veteran looking to connect with other veterans and give back to the community through volunteering