The Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University Releases Request For Proposals (RFP) to Manage Coordinated Network of Care and Services for Veterans, Service Members and their Families in San Antonio Region

SAN ANTONIO (Feb. 15, 2017) — Since 2013, the Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) at Syracuse University has brought together service providers and organizations from the public, private and nonprofit sectors in communities around the U.S. through their AmericaServes program to establish community-driven solutions that ensure veterans get the resources they need to sustain a healthy and economically-viable quality of life. The goal of this collaboration is to help facilitate well-coordinated access to benefits and services for veterans and their families locally that result in their successful transition from military to civilian life. This effort kicked off in the New York City and has expanded to include multiple networks in New York as well as North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and now in Texas.

Through a pilot of TXServes – San Antonio, the IVMF and social services providers in that community will strive to create the most effective and efficient access to care for veterans and military families by allowing them to connect to multiple services in one place. For example, a veteran or their family member would access housing services as well as other needs such as employment and education – all within a single managed care network.

Through coverage mapping, planning and analysis of the TXServes – San Antonio veteran and provider community, the IVMF has identified dozens of service providers that cover the spectrum of education, finance, health, housing, legal and other core services that are leading determinants of well-being in the San Antonio region.

In order to achieve improvements to service delivery for veterans and military families, the IVMF and key network stakeholders will select a Coordination Center which will serve as the backbone organization that is responsible to ensure the quality, accuracy and timeliness of services and operations within TXServes – San Antonio. Through its offering and capabilities, the Coordination Center will leverage and exemplify the design principles of collective impact to organize and lead an effective coordinated network.

The Coordination Center works in partnership with the public sector (e.g., city, state, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Department of Defense (DoD) consumers (veterans, service members and their families) and providers throughout the San Antonio region to continuously improve the quality, efficiency, offering and accountability of piloted veteran programs and services and the experience for the network’s users. The technology platform, Unite US, administers the managed care, services and resources system, incorporating focused and continuous quality improvement, consumer education, services and resources coordination and analysis, technical assistance, data gathering, analysis and reporting, on-site and remote provider trainings, outreach and other activities in support of the TXServes – San Antonio network’s goals.

The IVMF is accepting proposals to design, develop and operate as the TXServes – San Antonio Network Coordination Center. This will be an open and competitive process; the purpose of this RFP is to make a fair evaluation for all candidates and to provide applicants with the evaluation criteria against which their proposals will be assessed.

Dates and activities listed below cover the key milestones for selecting and piloting TXServes – San Antonio.

Activity: Date:
RFP Release February 15, 2017
Information Session Webinar February 23, 2017 1PM CST
Final date to submit questions and requests for additional information March 15, 2017
Application Due March 31, 2017 6PM CST
Final award notification April 14, 2017
Contract administration April 14, 2017 – May 15, 2017
Contract start date April 14, 2017

The RFP can be accessed via the attachment below and on IVMF’s website .


The IVMF will host a vendor solicitation event on February 23, 2017 at 1 p.m. CST, open to any/all interested and eligible applicants. This event intends to answer any questions about the RFP itself. Unite US, a pre-selected technology platform, will be in attendance to answer technology capability and capacity questions. To register for the vendor solicitation event, please RSVP here: I’d like to RSVP for TXServes-San Antonio Vendor Solicitation Event

All questions and requests for additional information regarding this RFP must be communicated via email to Ilario Pantano at by March 15, 2017. Generally, questions will be answered on an ongoing basis and in the order in which they are received.

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