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IVMF research and analytics advances the policy and practice supporting veterans and their families.

A Trusted National Resource

The IVMF research and analytics team is a trusted national resource for expertise, data and insights, and cultural competence in serving veterans and their families. Located on a R1 designated research university, we anchor the Institute’s programs and services, and empower government, private industry, higher education, and philanthropy to better address today’s toughest challenges facing the veteran and military community.

Who We Are

  • Experts in the fields of business and entrepreneurship, data analytics, evaluation, family studies, higher education, organizational psychology, public policy, public health and epidemiology, non-profit management, and sociology.
  • Problem solvers, advisors, and collaborative partners.
  • Driven by a passion for transparency, quality, and relevance to those we serve.

What We Do

  • Lead applied research studies and program evaluations.
  • Inform public and private sector leaders on veterans’ leading concerns.
  • Measure, monitor, and drive continuous improvement across the IVMF.
  • Implement data solutions and analytics that support timely decision-making.

Our Values

Featured Initiatives

Research By The Numbers

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Our Capabilities

Evaluation & Analytics

We are data-driven to the core. We oversee evaluation for the Institute and our partner organizations to monitor performance, build evidence, inform decisions, and drive learning and improvement in service delivery

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Policy Engagement

We engage public sector leaders to drive research-informed and experience-driven policymaking that best serves veterans, military families, and all Americans.

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Who We Work With

  • Public Sector Leaders: To inform and guide on the design, implementation, and efficacy of new policies and programs.
  • Private Sector Leaders & Philanthropy: To advise on leading practices and opportunities that advance the lives of veterans and their families in their businesses and communities.
  • Community Based Organizations: To assist in building data capacity and measuring the effectiveness of their programs and services.
  • Veterans and Military Families: To better inform on the resources, opportunities, and policies that affect their post-service lives.



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