AmericaServes is the country’s first coordinated network of organizations dedicated to serving the military community by connecting them to the resources specific to their unique needs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to catalyze and instill a sustainable, community-based commitment to care coordination excellence for America’s military connected members and their families. We do so by providing innovative practice, actionable strategies, technology, resources, and expertise to communities, organizations, and individuals who are willing to improve upon their efforts to serve the needs of the nation’s all-volunteer armed forces, veterans, and their families.

The Challenge

Today’s military-connected members and their families confront a maze of services, while providers are challenged equally by their inability to coordinate comprehensive, accurate, and timely solutions against the needs of the nation’s all-volunteer armed forces, veterans, and their families.

Deeply fragmented human services and individualized silos of care prevent individuals from successfully getting the services and support they need, when they need them, from where they live –in their community. Providers have little-to-no means to coordinate their services beyond their own organizations, resulting in individuals having to repeat their story at every service turn. That service ‘friction’ leaves people behind, without adequate care, and lost in the maze.

The Solution

Many communities begin at a fragmented state, where providers speak to difficulty in caring for a client’s full-service needs, and those same veterans are likewise unable to receive the right care within a reasonable amount of time. At AmericaServes, providers join a local network and immediately become a part of our coordinated care platform and community of practice. As more and more providers join and become active in the network, the impact to veterans becomes stronger and stronger.