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AmericaServes Insights

Improve the lives of veterans and their families using AmericaServes Insights

Easy to say and hard to do in an era when human knowledge is doubling at faster and faster rates.

Are you doing the right things, for the right people? AmericaServes delivers unparalleled insights to you, our partners in the human & veteran services arena, by focusing its world class Measurement, Evaluation and Research Team on the right combination of data mix, rapid interpretation and accurate modeling and assessment. Speed without accuracy is dangerous. Focusing on the wrong variety of inputs can be a waste of time and resources or worse. Likewise the best analysis delivered too late is as useful as yesterday’s newspaper.

AmericaServes leverages its best-in-class subject matter expertise and proven methodologies across multiple domains to deliver timely, appropriate, and relevant reporting and analytics that can be used by you, our community partners to make decisions, improve performance and save lives.

Our network relies on analytics and insights to decide where we are seeing growth and where there are service gaps