IVMF Launches Innovative Support for Veteran Entrepreneurs in Rural Areas

Syracuse University’s D’Aniello Institute for Veterans and Military Families has launched an innovative initiative aimed at tackling the barriers to access for veteran business owners located in rural areas away from cities and urban development.... Read More ▶


Entrepreneur Spotlight: James Schlauch – Eliminating Brain Waste

James Schlauch and Apply are working to address the issue of Brain Waste for both job seekers and recruiters. ... Read More ▶


Veteran and Military Spouse-Owned Businesses to Help Your Next PCS move

It’s PCS season, and hundreds of thousands of servicemembers and their families will face the daunting task of moving across state or even national lines. Picking up your entire life and moving every few years is part of the military experience, an... Read More ▶


Mondays With Maria – Episode 2: PCS Season

In this episode of Mondays With Maria, we discuss the challenges that come with being a military spouse and the inevitable Permanent Change of Station process of relocating not just a family, but sometimes a career. Maria discusses some of the hardsh... Read More ▶


Our Alumni Demonstrate Veteran Entrepreneurship Problem Solving

Citing two of our very own alumni - Anthony Gantt and France Hoang - Forbes explains how when they were in the service that came face-to-face with obstacles that caused issues in their lives. After their service, the each started their own business t... Read More ▶


Welcome Bunker Labs Veterans in Residence 24B Cohort

IVMF Bunker Labs is proud to welcome our second cohort of Veterans in Residence since joining Syracuse University’s D’Aniello Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF). These 142 entrepreneurs will spend the next 10 weeks going from id... Read More ▶


Monday’s With Maria: Episode 1 – Mental Health

The IVMF is excited to introduce Mondays With Maria, a monthly discussion with Maria McConville which will cover topics pertaining to women in the military, women veterans, and military spouses.... Read More ▶


Entrepreneur Spotlight: Keith Liao – Gamifying Financial Literacy

Keith knows the power of bootstrapping, hard-won knowledge from his experiences launching Cayuga Climbs. He brought that same energy to Aedify, managing the basic coding on his own thanks to some experience with Python. Things were moving forward, bu... Read More ▶


Welcome Veterans to Bunker Labs Breaking Barriers in Entrepreneurship 24B Cohort

The D’aniello Institute for Veterans and Military Families is proud to welcome 99 AAPI, Black, female, and Latinx entrepreneurs from across the United States to the Breaking Barriers in Entrepreneurship program. These trailblazing entrepreneurs are... Read More ▶


Military Spouse-Owned Businesses to Follow

In honor of Military Spouse Appreciation Month, we’re looking at some of the standout military spouse founders from our Breaking Barriers in Entrepreneurship (BBiE) and Veterans in Residence (ViR) program participants over the past year. BBiE creat... Read More ▶