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Veterans Strategic Analysis & Research Tool (V-START)

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V-START is an invaluable data visualization tool that consolidates veteran demographic, education, socioeconomic, and unemployment data into a user-friendly interface that allows users to quickly analyze and explore geographic areas of interest to uncover trends and inform decisions related to veteran programs and services.

V-START is a valuable data visualization resource for anyone interested in understanding the current landscape for transitioning veterans. The tool can help transitioning service members, veterans, and military families make more informed choices post-service. Likewise, corporations, foundations, non-profits, and government agencies can all use the tool to inform data-driven decisions related to initiatives that will positively influence veterans and their families.

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Empowering Others with Data: The V-START Story

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IVMF & Deloitte

V-START was developed by IVMF in collaboration with Deloitte to strengthen their collective commitment to support transitioning service members, veterans, and their families. To learn more about the strategic partnerships that helped form V-START, read Empowering Others with Data: The V-START Story. This whitepaper details an innovative new approach for nonprofits and companies to come together and solve difficult problems.

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Evaluation & Analytics

Our evaluation and data analytics team offers a range of internal and public data sources to help the military community, researchers, government agencies, industry, and nonprofit organizations. Learn more about Evaluation & Analytics.

Applied Research

Through both quantitative and qualitative methods, our diverse research portfolio reflects the range of social, economic, and wellness challenges that can affect transitioning service members, veterans, and their families. Learn more about Applied Research.