Community of Practice


The IVMF Community of Practice (CoP) is a collective learning network dedicated to sharing insights and best practices among community service providers from all over the country. Together, the CoP raises the level of quality, transparency, and accountable service delivery while building upon providers’ professional competencies to serve clients and build greater organizational capacity to extend their reach.  Communities of Practice operate at three levels: local, regional, and national.

Best Practices & Insights

Participate in the COP, joining other providers who share common interest and unique challenges serving the military-connected population in your community and across the country. You’ll also gain access to subject matter experts serving in the veteran ecosystem and have the opportunity to build stronger relationships through discussion, activities, and learning – building a professional network with knowledge, methods, stories, and toolkits.


Each year, the CoP offers two scholarship opportunities for a coordination center and community provider to support professional development.


As part of the larger IVMF and AmericaServes family, coordination centers and providers gain access to additional learning and networking opportunities – maximizing collaboration.

Community of Practice by the Numbers

450+engagements of 25+ communities, inclusive of thousands of providers sharing insights and best practices to improve care and services for veterans and military families.

43,000 veterans, service members, and their familes reached. 106,000 requests for services coordinated.

COP Components

Best Practices


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