Policy Engagement

Public policy aimed at supporting veterans is most effective when it’s informed by evidence and experience. The IVMF empowers public sector leaders by translating insights from research and practice into better policymaking.

What We Do

  • Provide relevant research and expertise on key issues to policymakers and their staff through testimony, briefings and thought leadership
  • Lead the charge on important policy priorities necessary to supporting the veteran population
  • Amplify and support partner efforts advancing research-backed policy.

Why It’s Important

  • Good veteran and military family public policy can and should be beneficial for all Americans.
  • Veterans and their families are a valuable asset to our communities and the economy.
  • A thriving veteran population with equal opportunity to pursue their post-service aspirations is the surest incentive to sustaining a capable, all-volunteer force, and the security of the United States.

Improving Lives of Veterans

  • Every veteran and their family is impacted by the decisions of their federal, state, and local government.
  • As the veteran population evolves, so do their needs, and the policy aimed at supporting them.
  • Policy that most effectively supports veterans and their families is backed by research.

IVMF Policy Priorities

The IVMF believes it is critical that policymakers, employers, nonprofits and American families come together to support a comprehensive set of policies that advance the post-service aspirations of veterans and their families.

Featured Policy Research

IVMF Policy Team In Action


Veteran Suicide Prevention: Capitalizing on What Works and Increasing Innovative Approaches

Veteran suicide persists as the most pressing issue for the veteran community today. Recent data  from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) suggest a modest decline in veteran suicide deaths from the previous two years, yet rates of suicide ... Read More ▶


Reducing Veteran Suicide by Addressing Economic Risk Factors

 Testimony of: Nicholas J. Armstrong, Ph.D., D’Aniello Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF), Syracuse University Prepared for: U.S. House Veterans Affairs Committee, Subcommittee on Economic Opportunity June 15th, 2022 Re... Read More ▶


Military to Main Street: Serving Veteran Entrepreneurship

Written Testimony of: Dr. J. Michael Haynie Vice Chancellor, Syracuse University, Executive Director, IVMF. Before the House Committee on Small Business on June 8, 2022 discussing veteran entrepreneurship.... Read More ▶

Applied Research

Through both quantitative and qualitative methods, our diverse research portfolio reflects the range of social, economic, and wellness challenges that can affect transitioning service members, veterans, and their families. Learn more about Applied Research.

evaluation and analytics icon

Evaluation & Analytics

We offer a range of internal and public data sources to help the military community, researchers, government agencies, industry, and nonprofit organizations. Programs thrive when evaluation is embedded within the fabric of their operations, that’s why at the IVMF our programs are built around a culture of continual evaluation, improvement, and excellence. Learn more about Evaluation & Analytics.

Data Insights & Tools

The data insights team at IVMF team does more than just field data requests. Our team collects and aggregates data but more importantly we provide actionable insights and change that impact the lives of veterans and their families. Learn more about Data Insights & Tools. 

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