Evaluation & Analytics

Effective program measurement and evaluation informs decisions, drives continuous learning and innovation, and above all, helps maximize resources and impact for veterans and military families.

We oversee program evaluation efforts for the Institute, lead or assist in evaluation efforts with our partners, and highlight leaders in the field. Our work spans a range of evaluation approaches and methods to assess and convey programmatic need, process, quality, efficiency, and outcomes.

What We Do

Internal Measurement & Evaluation

  • Evaluation Framework Development – Together with each of our programs & key support teams, we developed evaluation tools such as theories of change, process diagrams, & logic models to inform program measurement & storytelling.
  • Metrics Development – We work with program managers & AmericaServes networks to create & refine key performance indicators that assess a balanced set of measures such as network growth, quality of care, provider activity, & the changing needs of clients.
  • Quality & Continuous Improvement – With our data solutions team, we established & manage a governance initiative to communicate with & obtain input from users in order standardize our systems & data definitions.

External Evaluation & Capacity Building

  • Program Evaluation – We partner with wide range of clients to evaluate the impacts of their programs and services and recommend ways to improve these offerings.
  • Data Storytelling – We tailor the presentation of evaluation & insights to the desired audience including funders, the general public, veteran service organizations, & academics.
  • Capacity Building – We empower our partners to understand, improve, and communicate their own performance data to providers, funders, & key stakeholders.

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Our Partners

Our team is equipped to provide consultative assistance at any point along your evaluation and analytics journey. The approach we take with our internal work informs and drives our approach with external partners, and benefits from our experience, as well as resources and expertise through Syracuse University.

Who We Work With

  • Federal Government Organizations
  • Military Installations
  • Veteran Service Organizations (VSO)
  • Corporate and Private Foundations
  • Corporations
  • Not-for-Profits

Academic Partners

Working With The Evaluation & Analytics Team

Our evaluation and data analytics team offers a range of internal and public data sources to help the military community, researchers, government agencies, industry, and nonprofit organizations. Programs thrive when evaluation is embedded within the fabric of their operations. At the IVMF our programs are built around a culture of continual evaluation, improvement, and excellence.

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