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1.24.20 | Community Support

Communities Serve: A Systematic Review of Need Assessments on U.S. Veteran and Military-Connected Populations

Military veterans and their families face a multiplicity of challenges once they transition from service. Even though more American private and public sector organizations are engaged in studying the needs of veterans and their families through need assessments, few assessments are comprehensive analyses of the challenges they face. ... Read More ▶

1.07.20 | Education

Student Veterans: A Valuable Asset to Higher Education

Since August 2009, colleges and universities have seen over two million veterans return to school to obtain associate’s, bachelor’s, and graduate degrees throughout the country. With the implementation of the GI Bill along with a global workforce that requires, at minimum, a bachelor’s degree for marketplace entry, more and more veterans are aspiring for higher degrees to launch the next chapter of their lives. As of 2014, almost all (96%) higher education institutions in the United States enroll veterans, and more schools are beginning to focus on recruitment as a strategy to further increase their student veteran population.... Read More ▶

11.08.19 | Financial Readiness

Veteran Entrepreneurship: Access to Capital Challenges and Opportunities

Veteran Entrepreneurship: Access to Capital Challenges and Opportunities Read The Report The search for capital to support small businesses is a challenge for all potential entrepreneurs, regardless of vetera... Read More ▶

10.30.19 | Employment

Helping Military Spouses Find Careers that Move with Them

Helping Military Spouses Find Careers that Move with Them focuses on job portability and what employers can do to not only recruit but also retain military spouse employees when they relocate. This study defines job portability, identifies gaps, and offers guidance to military spouses and potential employers. In collaboration with Prudential Financial, Inc. (NYSE:PRU), Helping Military Spouses Find Careers that Move with Them is #6 in a series of research products, focused on military spouse employment. ... Read More ▶

10.28.19 | Community Support

Innovation in State-Level Veterans Services

State level governments play a pivotal role in allocating resources, setting policy agendas and direct service delivery to veterans. Because services are delivered at the state level, there is significant variance in the level of, and types of services offered, state by state. To date, no comprehensive assessment of state-level departments of Veterans Affairs (DVAs) has been conducted to analyze these differences and identify the challenges and leading practices across the various states. ... Read More ▶

2.05.19 | Employment

A Case for Patient Philanthropy, Supporting Jobs and Careers for Military-Connected Americans

Sheri and Howard Schultz at a family forum at Joint Base Lewis-McChord outside Seattle​ Research consistently demonstrates that post-service employment ranks among the most pressing concerns expressed by military members, veterans, and their fa... Read More ▶

2.05.19 | Employment

Enhancing Veterans’ Access to STEM Education and Careers: A Labor Market Analysis of Veterans in the STEM Workforce

The nation’s future and economic competitiveness hinge, more than ever, on our ability to develop, grow, and sustain a workforce proficient in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). In the last decade alone, jobs requiring some level of STEM expertise have grown 34 percent—to include jobs that do not require a bachelor’s degree. At the same time, veterans and transitioning service members represent a valuable, skilled talent pool from which to help meet this critical need.... Read More ▶

1.28.19 | Community Support

Improving Care and Service Delivery for Veterans: A Case Study of Enterprise Government Overview

What follows are the building blocks, recommendations, and key actions steps to creating an enterprise Approach to Serving Veterans.... Read More ▶

9.25.18 | Families

Military Families: Perceptions, Challenges, and Barriers to Voting Participation and Absentee Voting

Active duty service members, along with their family members, rely on absentee voting to cast their vote for elections at all levels of government while overseas, deployed, or while stationed in states other than where they are registered. While there is some research surrounding the logistics of absentee voting, not enough is known about the experiences of active duty military and their families with absentee voting.... Read More ▶

8.15.18 | Entrepreneurship

Veteran Entrepreneurship – What You Should Know

Veteran Entrepreneurship: What You Should Know Author:Rosalinda V. Maury,M.S.Director of Applied Research and AnalyticsInstitute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) at Syracuse ... Read More ▶

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