Thank You from PAServes-Greater Pittsburgh

Dear PAServes Greater Pittsburgh Supporters,

paservesThank you for joining your fellow community leaders and innovators in celebration of a network that has been referred to as “21st Century Human Services” by Pittsburgh Mercy COO Raymond Wolfe and “a social work dream” by Misty Hawk, VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System Assistant Vice President of Community Care.

The afternoon IPR session brought together 90-plus providers, leaders, and stakeholders gathered to reflect on the work of the PAServes Greater Pittsburgh network as the community celebrated the reaching of their two-year milestone as an integrated network of coordinated service providers. Truly remarkable work is underway across the Greater Pittsburgh region of Pennsylvania and we were honored to highlight the work of a committed group of 51-plus participating organizations that have transformed and empowered  veterans, service members and their families through a coordinated solution to meet their diverse needs.

As is the case with all good milestones, we pause to celebrate and mark their significance while still realizing there is much good work ahead. Ben Stahl, Executive Director of Veterans Leadership Program, summarized the impact best when he said “The network has benefited our organizations, the vets we serve, and the veteran community… it made my job easier as a case manager, and now I know how vital it is to my job as an Executive Director.” As we see a national practice emerge, the AmericaServes team will continue to improve upon our craft through local, regional and national activities to best support AmericaServes networks across the nation. Our work together is far from done; we’re more engaged than ever in the practice of better serving veterans, service members and their families through the innovative and transformative efforts of these impactful AmericaServes partnerships and communities. Learn more about Practice360 and how we will continue to build on and improve our practice.

Remember, behind each one of those 4,381 service requests is person with a story. Together, we contributed to make each a better story with a happier ending. “PAServes went above and beyond…they were kind, respectful, and worked diligently to make my transition from Florida to Pittsburgh very smooth” – Timothy Jones, a veteran spotlighted at the IPR

Thank you,
Jean Coyne, Jim McDonough & Your Entire AmericaServes Team

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