Team Red, White & Blue: Helping Veterans Reintegrate to Civilian Life with Community Networks

Currently, only 61% of veterans who served in Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom enrolled in VA care which aims to support veterans with their health needs including the tough mental stress of transitioning to civilian life. Many veterans experience a reverse culture shock when transitioning and fail to properly create supportive social networks. Team Red, White & Blue is a community-based nonprofit organization created to help veterans transition into civilian life with healthy social connections based in community support.

Using the framework for what they call the Enrichment Equation (which focuses on health, people, and purpose), Team Red, White & Blue is bridging the gap between military and civilian networking. Team RWB aims to create communities that support veterans transitioning to civilian life and provide veterans with the necessary tools to garner a wellbeing needed for reintegration into civilian society.

Read the full article to further understand the importance of creating and providing better support systems for transitioning veterans.

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