Watch IVMF Founder Dr. Mike Haynie Speak on The Hill TV Regarding AmericaServes Helping Veterans Transition From Military to Civilian Life

IVMF Founder and Executive Director Dr. Mike Haynie was a guest on The Hill to speak about the AmericaServes organization and the importance of helping military veterans and families navigate the enormous pool of resources available to them.

“The greatest challenge coming out of service are not some of the things that you would intuitively jump to.” Dr. Haynie said, “Like finding a job, relocating a family, etc. The number one challenge cited is navigation. I don’t know how to navigate the universe of all of the services of resources. Where do I go, where do I start, how do I make decisions? And that’s the basis of IVMF’s AmericaServes organization.”

Watch the full interview here.

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