Changes Are Coming to The Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Process

There are changes being made to the Permanent Change of Station (PCS) process, with one of the primary changes being the privatization that aims to allow service members and their families more control over their moves. According to IVMF Senior Director for Strategy and Performance Beth Kubala says that by allowing the service members and families more control in the process, such as researching and choosing available moving companies, TRANSCOM is looking to eliminate the “luck of the draw” style assignment of movers by PCS coordinators.

“You often had to go through two or three layers to set a move date, set a pick-up date, or get a question answered,” says Kubala, a retired Army officer who made several PCS moves during her career. “So, I believe this is supposed to make those layers of interaction fewer and enable direct coordination between the service member and their commercial transportation company.”

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