Empowering Veterans and Youth to Enrich Communities

Assessing Positive Mental and Physical Health Outcomes for Veterans

The work of Travis Manion Foundation (TMF) is rooted in the belief that veterans and families of the fallen are among America’s greatest civic assets, and that the path toward bridging the civilian-military divide and uniting our communities begins by empowering our military community. Their vision is to create a unified and supportive community, inspired by our nation’s service-members, where individuals hone their character to serve a purpose higher than themselves. To achieve this, TMF trains, develops, and highlights the role models that lead these communities. They design programs, training opportunities, and events that invest in and empower veterans and families of the fallen by helping them to identify their personal character strengths. Armed with this knowledge, they pass on their values to the next generation, and serve and connect with the greater community.

Impact of TMF Programs

Since 2018, the Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University (IVMF) has helped us assess our program outcomes on the health, wellness, and thriving of our members and participants.  In the second annual membership survey, which used a 10-question Brief Inventory of Thriving (BIT) scale, evaluators found the more our members engage with us, the more they experience positive growth.  The evaluation also found Veteran Mentors experienced especially positive outcomes to their overall well-being and mental health.

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