IVMF’s COO Maureen Casey Joined The Soldier For Life Podcast to Discuss Supporting Veterans

On the Soldier For Life Podcast, you can listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak to Maureen Casey ,the Chief Operating Officer for the Institute for Veterans and Military Families, on the various programs and opportunities that are available to the military community through IVMF.

One such program is Onward to Opportunity as Maureen explains, “Onward to Opportunity is offered in 19 different installations communities across the country and online. It is a career preparation and training program where we offer industry-recognized training and credential and 50 different learning pathways. If you successfully complete your coursework, you are given the opportunity to take the credential exam free of charge. And we offer the opportunity to connect to a network of more than 800 employers.”

She also goes on to explain how IVMF is unique in the service space by offering support in all areas including Research and Analytics, “One of the things that makes the IVMF unique is the fact that we do direct program service delivery and we also conduct research all the time. We’re serving those we serve all the time so we can understand what their changing needs are. And we can inform the population we service and more importantly we are able to inform other stakeholders, whether corporate partners, whether it’s government at local, state, or federal level, private philanthropy. We often get calls from folks ‘i’m dying to understand what the need might be, can you help me’.”

Listen to the full podcast above to hear about the other programs IVMF offers to support the military-connected no matter what part of their journey they currently find themselves on.

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