IVMF is Proud To Be Part of Welcome.Us in Supporting Afgahn Safety

Welcome with a heartWelcome.Us is a coalition that’s built by leaders across sectors, political parties, and all walks of life who are coming together to support Afghans seeking safety. In less than three weeks, a vast Welcome Coalition has come together, reflecting the diversity and strength of our country’s will to welcome. This includes more than 250 local and national non-profit partners, businesses, and leaders — from frontline providers to veterans-serving organizations, CEOs to philanthropists, faith-based groups to volunteer associations, and mayors and governors to former Presidents and First Ladies. Afghan refugees, Afghan-Americans and other Americans are working side-by-side in this effort.

Their website states:

“The United States has long been a beacon of hope for newcomers from around the world. For generations, millions of Americans who started out as refugees have made incredible contributions to our country. The same will be true for this generation. But first, they need our help.”

IVMF’s COO Maureen Casey is one such supporter sitting on the National Welcome Council that “includes a small but diverse selection of the thousands of people contributing to the movement of welcome.” The IVMF is proud to support our newcomers and welcome them into the incredible community of the U.S.

Visit Welcome.us to register your support, learn how to get involved, and get connected to organizations working to help meet needs.

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