Fox News Interviewed IVMF’s Dr. Nick Armstrong to Discuss How Syracuse University is Supporting Military Veterans

Syracuse University is taking action to address the current military recruitment crisis. As this year marks the 50th anniversary of the all-volunteer force, the US Army falls short of its recruiting goal for the second year in a row, with only 69% of the goal achieved. There are also growing concerns about the demographic cliff that’s expected in the next year or two, presenting a potential situation where the Military and higher education could be competing for American youth. 

In a recent interview on ‘Fox News Live’, Syracuse University’s IVMF Managing Director of Research and Date (plus an Army veteran himself), Nick Armstrong, shared that the IVMF is seizing this opportunity to bring together dozens of higher education leaders to find ways to support both the military and higher education. Watch the video to learn more about the efforts being made to address this critical issue. 

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