Welcome Veterans to Bunker Labs Breaking Barriers in Entrepreneurship 24B Cohort

Welcome 24B cohort!The D’aniello Institute for Veterans and Military Families is proud to welcome 99 AAPI, Black, female, and Latinx entrepreneurs from across the United States to the Breaking Barriers in Entrepreneurship program. These trailblazing entrepreneurs are joining a community of passionate and innovative individuals who are breaking down barriers and creating solutions to today’s business problems. 

Entrepreneurship has always been a challenging and rewarding journey, but it can be even more difficult for members of underrepresented communities. The Breaking Barriers in Entrepreneurship program exists to provide resources, mentorship, and community to minority veteran and military spouse entrepreneurs. 

IVMF is proud to present the newest members of Breaking Barriers in Entrepreneurship program, cohort 24B. Help us give them a warm welcome to the community!   


AAPI Entrepreneurs 

Black Entrepreneurs 

Female Entrepreneurs 

Latinx Entrepreneurs 

Breaking Barriers in Entrepreneurship Program 

Breaking Barriers in Entrepreneurship is an 8-week virtual program that facilitates business growth and support within AAPI, Black, Latinx, and female veteran and military spouse communities. The program is designed to create an immediate impact for early to growth-stage businesses by providing access to business tools, resources, capital opportunities, mentorship, and a stronger peer network. Learn more about the program or fill out an interest form to be considered for our next cohort. This cohort is professionally facilitated by Latoya Clark – Maylon Media, Dr. Nicole Dhanraj – HND Consultancy, Jessica van Dop DeJesus – Dining Traveler Media, and Kyle Aquino – NVIS AI. A huge thank you to our sponsors for making this program cohort  possible: PwC Charitable Foundation, General Motors, Macy’s, and Wells Fargo,

Bunker Labs is Now Part of IVMF 

As of January 2024, Bunker Labs is now a part of Syracuse University’s D’Aniello Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF). As a result, IVMF has added the CEOcircle, Veterans in Residence (ViR), Breaking Barriers in Entrepreneurship (BBiE), and Ambassador programs to our portfolio of entrepreneurial programming, as well as a number of Bunker Labs teammates who made these excellent programs possible. Find the program to help your business take the next step today!