Guide to Leading Policies, Practices & Resources: Supporting the Employment of Veterans and Military Families

Advancing Veteran Success in Higher Education – Infographic

Enriching Veterans’ Lives Through An Evidence-Based Approach: A Case Illustration of Team Red, White & Blue

Advancing Veteran Success in Higher Education: Case Studies of Vocational Accelerator Programs at Del Mar College, Tarrant County College, and Wake Technical Community College

Examining the Lived Experience and Factors Influencing Education of Two Student Veterans Using Photovoice Methodology

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans’ Experiences Living with their Parents after Separation from the Military

The Development and Implications of Peer Emotional Support for Student Service Members/Veterans and Civilian College Students

Status Configurations, Military Service and Higher Education

The Durability of Beneficial Health Effects Associated with Expressive Writing

Beyond yellow ribbons: Are employers prepared to hire, accommodate and retain returning veterans with disabilities?

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