Hispanics and Latinos in The Military: From Service To Civilian Life

There are 1.6 Million Hispanic and Latinos in the Military.

This infographic provides key highlights for Hispanic and Latino service members and veterans. The information and statistics in this document are from our various data collection efforts centered on military life, transition, employment, entrepreneurship, and higher education.

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Top Motivations for Military Service

Educational benefits 61%
Desire To Serve My Country 58%
New Experiences, Adventures, or Travel 57%
Sense of Purpose 41%
Career Opportunities 36%

Top Reasons for Leaving Armed Services

Pursue Education and Training Opportunities


Lost faith or trust in military or political leadership


Family Reasons


Earnings Comparison

$ 0
Hispanic and Latino Veterans
$ 0
Hispanic and Latino nonveterans
$ 0
Non-minority veterans

Motivations for Pursuing Higher Education

Career/job opportunities 88%
Self-improvement and personal growth 77%
Potential for making money/Improve economic status 75%
Professional advancement 62%
Enjoy education and learning 55%
Support family 52%

See the full infographic to learn more about Hispanics and Latinos in the military. From their service experience to their post-military life

Download The Full PDF