The Evolution of the Veteran Employment Landscape


Authors: Deborah A. Bradbard Ph.D. | Rosalinda V. Maury, M.S.

The first in a series of three thought leadership briefs related to employing veterans and military families, The Evolution of the Veteran Employment Landscape explores veteran employment since September 11, 2001 (9/11).

Key Highlights

In the two decades since the extraordinary events of September 11, 2001 (9/11) took place, there has been a steady focus on ensuring that service members, veterans, and their families have access to meaningful employment opportunities once their military service ends. Proactive and sustained efforts have resulted in notable improvements in veterans’ employment services and programs particularly as they relate to the military transition of post-9/11 veterans. In this brief, we discuss five key highlights focused on post-9/11 veteran employment.


  • Key Highlight #1: Combined private and public sector investments and interventions mattered—and still do today.
  • Key Highlight #2: Transition should be treated as an extended process rather than an event.
  • Key Highlight #3: The rate of veterans transitioning to civilian life remains steady making the veteran population (and in particular the post 9/11 era) increasingly diverse
  • Key Highlight #4: Transition experiences have been mixed, but navigation challenges persist for some.
  • Key Highlight #5: New research identifies key components of employment services.

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