Onward to Opportunity Guide on Adding IVMF as Education to Your LinkedIn Profile

For The Print Friendly PDF Click Here

First, go to www.linkedin.com

Then login to your LinkedIn Profile account by typing in your email and password at top of the left side of the sing in page of LinkedIn.

Once you login to your LinkedIn Profile, click on the me icon at top left side of your LinkedIn home page

Once you click on the me icon, then click on view profile under your profile photo and title.

When your profile opens, locate the add profile section under your profile photo and title and click on it. The add profile section once you click on it will expand and you will see education section under background information. Next to the education click on the plus sign to input your education.

When add education page opens up, please type in Institute for Veterans and Military Families – IVMF under the school section. Then skip degree section leave it blank.

Then under Field of Study section type in your area of study that you took through IVMF such as Project Management, Human Resources, Six Sigma…etc.

Then you will skip sections about Grade and Activities and societies, you can leave it blank.

You will not enter From Year, but you will enter To Year date when you finished or expect to finish the program.

Then in the description section put in Onward to Opportunity (O2O)

Then click save at bottom right side to finish adding your education.