Cisco Networking Academy Course Offerings for Student Veterans

Cisco Networking Academy is an industry-led initiative that provides FREE online training, certification, and employment opportunities to Syracuse University student veterans and military-connected students.

Cisco Networking Academy courses cover essential knowledge for all cybersecurity and information technology domains used in protecting businesses, these include:

  • information security
  • system security
  • networking security
  • ethics and laws
  • defense and mitigations techniques
  • cloud security
  • programming languages

See below for available CyberVets course offerings and registration links. Once registered in Handshake you will receive a direct link to the course.

COURSE NAME Category Handshake Link
Getting Started with Packet Tracer Networking
Exploring Networking with Cisco Packet Tracer Networking
Exploring Internet of Things with Cisco Packet Tracer Networking
Python Essentials 1  2022-23 for PCEP Programming
Programming Essentials in Python 2022-23 for PCAP Programming
Get Connected 2022-23 OS&IT
 Introduction to Internet of Things (IoT) 2022-23 IT
IVMF/OVMA  Offering / Introduction to Cybersecurity 2022-23 Cybersecurity
Cybersecurity Essentials 2022-23 Cybersecurity
NDG Linux Unhatched  2022-23 Programming
NDG Linux Essentials  2022-23 Programming
DG Linux 1  2022-23 Programming
 NDG Linux 2  2022-23 Programming
 Cloud Security 2022-23 Cybersecurity
IJavaScript Essentials 1 (JSE) 2022-23 Programming
Cyber Threat Management 2022-23 Cybersecurity
Endpoint Security 2022-23 Cybersecurity
Network Defense 2022-24 Cybersecurity
Networking Basics 2022-23 Cybersecurity
Networking Devices and Initial Configuration  2022-23 Cybersecurity
Networking Essentials 2022-23 Cybersecurity
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