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The Onward to Opportunity Program in Southern California

Unlock Your Career Potential

Welcome to the Onward to Opportunity (O2O) Program in Southern California, where we pave the way for your future success in the evolving fields of Information Technology and Business Management. Our program is thoughtfully designed to encompass critical areas such as Human Resources, Project Management, Agile methodologies, and Six Sigma, ensuring a broad and impactful education path.

Your Journey Begins Here

Embark on a comprehensive learning journey with our three-day virtual classroom experience, where you’ll engage in career preparation workshops and gain insights from subject matter experts. This is your opportunity to expand your professional network by connecting with our esteemed employer partners, participating in informational interviews, and laying the groundwork for a thriving career.

Tailored Learning Pathway

Following the initial orientation, you’ll proceed along a personalized learning pathway, structured into two segments over six months. The first three months are dedicated to completing certification coursework, while the subsequent three months focus on test preparation. Our flexible, individually paced courses allow for the possibility of completing your studies ahead of schedule, accommodating your unique pace and commitment.

Specialized Bootcamps and Classes

For those pursuing Project Management, we offer an exclusive, live five-day PMP Bootcamp via Zoom, normally scheduled for the week following our cohort launch. Additionally, we provide a one-day PMI Application class aimed at assisting project management aspirants in applying to PMI for their certification exam.

Get Started on Your Career Journey

Ready to take the first step towards a rewarding career? Reach out to Joanna Sansoterra and Cynthia Marinaccio at or begin your journey by clicking here. Further details, including mandatory online orientation dates and the Zoom link, will be shared upon submission of your online interest form. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your career trajectory with the Southern California O2O Program.

Please Note: Availability of coursework varies by installation. We encourage you to contact our installation team for any inquiries regarding course availability or any specific restrictions.

Embark on your career journey with the Southern California O2O Program—where your potential is limitless.

Interested? Please contact us below or get started here.

Disclaimer: Some installations do not offer all possible coursework. Please contact the installation team to learn of any restrictions. All O2O course offerings can be viewed here.

What You'll Gain from the Program

Upon completing this program, participants will emerge with a comprehensive set of assets and experiences to propel their careers forward, including:

  • A polished, professional resume ready to make an impactful first impression.
  • A valuable certification specific to your industry, boosting your credentials.
  • An expanded professional network, connecting you with key industry figures and peers.
  • Personalized career coaching to guide your path to success.
  • Opportunities for interview matching, aligning you with potential employers.
  • A boost in confidence as you transition into the private sector or navigate a career change.

Embrace the journey towards transforming your professional outlook and seizing new career opportunities.

Upcoming Cohorts

  • May 7-9, 2024
  • July 9-11, 2024
  • Sep 10-12, 2024
  • Oct 22-24, 2024
  • Jan 14-16, 2025

  • Mar 11-13, 2025
  • May 13-15, 2025
  • July 15-17, 2025
  • Sep 9-11, 2025
  • Oct 14-15, 2025


Joanna Sansoterra

Joanna Sansoterra

Southern California
Program Manager

Cynthia Marinaccio

Cynthia Marinaccio

Southern California
Program Coordinator