About Veteran View

The Veteran View course provides individuals and service providers with strategies and tools to effectively serve and build rapport and trust with veterans and military families.

Based on the high number of veterans choosing community-based careers, it is critical that community providers become more aware of the uniqueness of military culture and are knowledgeable about the challenges and circumstances facing veterans and military families.

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The Veteran View was developed by PsychArmor Institute & tailored for the IVMF

The Veteran View addresses the growing evidence that suggests only a small percentage of veterans engaging in services with community providers feel these services are responsive, respectful and delivered within a framework that understands the uniqueness of military culture.

The Veteran’s View provides training on military lifestyle, culture and history, helping providers understand and respond more effectively to the culture, language and military experiences of their clients. The Veteran’s View gives providers an educational opportunity that can contribute to their continuous learning. Enrollment for the courses are open to any IVMF partners that would like to be more culturally competent or learn more.

There are three available pathways available to complete:

  • Military Culture 101: Introduction
  • Military Culture 201: A More In Depth Look
  • Military Culture: Faculty and Staff

Each pathway can be taken independently or sequentially to build knowledge. Each track takes between 3-4 hours to complete and is self-paced.

For more information, call 315.443.6898 or email americaserves@syr.edu.

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