Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans’ Families

The Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans’ Families (EBV-F) program offers small business training and a vocational, economic path forward for military spouses and family members, or a surviving spouse of a military member who gave his or her life in service to our country. EBV-F offers training tailored to military family members with caregiving responsibilities to launch and grow small businesses from home.

About EBV-F

EBV-F is an education and self-employment training program founded in 2010, designed to take advantage of the skills, resources and infrastructure of higher education to offer cutting-edge, experiential training in entrepreneurship and small business management. EBV-F integrates training in entrepreneurship with caregiver and family issues, positioning participants to launch and grow a small business in a way that is complementary to other family responsibilities.

What You Will Experience

  • Training focused on family issues, caregiver issues and work-life balance issues related to being a business owner
  • World class small business training with fellow military caregivers
  • Lifelong mentors and friends established at the course
  • Eligibility
    • First-degree family member* of a post-9/11 Veteran with a service-connected disability
    • First-degree family member* of active duty military (including Guard and Reserve)
    • Surviving spouse or adult child of a service member who lost their life while serving in the military post-9/11

    *Spouse, parent, sibling, adult child

  • Length
    • Phase I: 30-day online, instructor-led business fundamentals and research course
    • Phase II: 9-day residential training at an EBV university in your area
    • Phase III: Ongoing support focused on small business creation and growth
  • No Cost

    The entire EBV-F experience, including travel and lodging, is offered without any cost to participants




“All the mentors and (O2O) themselves are geared to work around your schedule… it is designed for you and the people are very dedicated in what they do. The knowledge they’ve given me through the interview process and being able to connect with hiring managers and getting their input on how I should sell myself has helped a lot.”

O2O Site: Joint Base San Antonio
Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Graduate

Alvarado, Laura

Military Spouse