• Can I attend other IVMF educational programs if I attend V-WISE?

    Yes.  Participation in V-WISE does not affect your eligibility to apply to any other IVMF program.

  • Are there any resources available to me right now?

    Yes.  The IVMF Resource Library  is a free and simple search engine that allows veterans to locate and review helpful information about anything and everything related to veterans and entrepreneurship.  IVMF has collaborated a variety of informative articles, guidebooks, documents, videos and more to help keep veterans no the leading edge of entrepreneurship.

  • Can I start the online course early?

    No—Phase I and Phase II are tied together. Your online course will begin about one month ahead of the conference and will need to be completed prior to the conference.

  • Who is participating in my Phase I online cohort?

    Your Phase I will be completed alongside up to 200 other women participating in your chosen location (i.e. all V-WISE NYC participants complete Phase I together)

  • Does this program require use of GI Bill benefits?

    No, this program does not use up any GI Bill benefits.

  • What if I need to cancel my attendance at the conference?

    Please email the V-WISE Program Coordinator at vwise@syr.edu as soon as you become aware that you need to cancel attendance.  Cancellation fees may apply after a certain date which will be provided to you when you pay your $75 registration fee.  Non-payment of this fee, if applicable, will result in ineligibility to participate in future events.

    Students who are “no-shows” (are registered to attend but do not attend and do not contact the program to cancel) will be considered ineligible for future events.

  • Will I receive credit for participating in the V-WISE conference?

    Yes. Upon completion of the program you will be awarded 2.7 continuing education credits (documentation required).

  • Can I bring a guest with me?

    You can have a guest with you in your hotel room, but conference activities (including classes, meals and speakers) are only open to registered V-WISE participants.

  • Do I have to share a room?

    Hotel room and tax are completely paid for, and each attendee has a room of her own.

  • Will I need to prove veteran or marital/life partner status?

    Yes. If you are a veteran or active service member, you will be required to submit proof of your honorable military status by attaching the associated DD214 (veterans) or Leave and Earning Statement (active service members).  If you are a military spouse or life partner, you will need to submit your spouse/life partner’s DD 214 or LES.  If your last name differs from your spouse or life partner, we will ask for additional documentation to verify the marital/life partner relationship.

  • Do I already have to be a business owner to attend?

    No. The V-Wise program will give instruction on both starting and growing a business.

  • How many times can I participate in a V-WISE program?

    Eligible female veterans and military spouses/partners can attend up to one time.

  • What is the cost of the program?

    Participants are responsible for a one-time $75.00 registration fee, their transportation to and from the hotel, parking fees when applicable, and dinner on the second evening of the conference.  Through the support of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), V-WISE is able to cover the cost of a private hotel room for each student for the two nights of the conference, all meals except for dinner on the second evening, and all educational materials (a value of approximately $2,000 per student!).

  • Do I need to have a college degree, or have taken some college courses, to attend?

    No. The V-WISE program is designed to take any qualified participant, regardless of prior educational experiences, through the steps and stages of starting a new business. What’s important to us is your passion and commitment!

  • When should I apply?

    As soon as possible. The online courses must be taken before attending the conference and classes fill up quickly.

  • How do I apply?

    Apply Now!

    Please note that once Enrollment Services reviews your application, you will receive either a request for missing materials or submission confirmation from IVMFEducation@syr.edu. You will also receive info on our upcoming programs. We will send registration notices roughly 3 months prior to the program date. You are required to register for a specific program before you can access Phase I.


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