Performance Insights & Evaluation

Effective program measurement and evaluation informs decisions, drives continuous learning and innovation, and above all, helps maximize resources and impact for veterans and military families. We oversee program evaluation efforts for the Institute, lead or assist in evaluation efforts with our partners, and highlight leaders in the field. Our work spans a range of evaluation approaches and methods to assess and convey programmatic need, process, quality, efficiency, and outcomes.

IVMF Programs

Programs thrive when evaluation is embedded within the fabric of their operations. At IVMF, our programs are built around a culture of continual evaluation, improvement, and excellence. Each of our programs is unique, and uses evaluation methods and techniques specifically tailored to its design and intent. We prioritize data collection and analysis to inform program decisions and future research initiatives.

Partner Programs

The IVMF’s extensive experience with research and evaluation in the veteran community makes us a natural partner for organizations seeking assistance in their research or program evaluation. The IVMF team is equipped to provide consultative assistance across our areas of expertise and the expertise of our partners.

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